2016 Holotropic breathwork workshops in Melbourne

Posted on 03/12/2016

I'm excited to announce that we have locked in 4 dates for our workshops to be held in 2016. Each workshop will include a Friday evening introduction and opening circle with a full day of breathwork sessions and closing circle on the Saturday.

Dates for 2016 Holotropic Breathwork workshops:

About Holotropic Breathwork workshops

Holotropic breathwork workshops are deeply immersive and experiential events that aim to provide a space for people to open up to the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness. These experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness can be deeply moving and transforming.

For more information view the full workshop details on the Melbourne Breathwork website.

Or to book a spot or to speak to one of our facilitators please call:

  • Anthony Olsen on 0416 277 063
  • Ruth Langford on 0481 120 880


Acupuncture and Holotropic Breathwork Sessions
can be booked by calling Anthony on 0416277063 or via the contact form.

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